Municipality Networks for Youth promotion in Timor-Leste

About the Network

The Municipality Networks for Youth Promotion are a voluntary initiative of GIZ Peace Fund in cooperation with the State Secretariat for Youth and Sports in four Municipalities of Timor-Leste (Aileu, Baucau, Ermera and Manatutu). In a joint networkstate and non-governmental actors of the Youth Sector at District Level work together.


Who are the actors?

The Networks are led by SSYS Municipality Representatives and other state partners who focus on youth, Youth Center Managers, youth organizations and Non Governmental organizations in the Youth sector. 


Why a Municipality Network for Youth Promotion?

The Youth Situation Review of the State Secretariat of Youth and Sports shows that Youth is a cross-sectoral topic which affects several sectors, like education, employment, health,the need for protection of young people against crime and violence etc. Therefore there is a potential to raise synergies if cross-sectoral actors who focus on youth promotion are working closer together.


How does the Municipality Network for Youth Promotion work?

Strengthening thecooperationamong cross-sectoral actors and the sense of a corporate feeling... sharing information, experiences and knowledge

...and by raising synergies at planning and implementation level including professional mentoring of their activities


Data collection of youth needs... order to design a cross sectoraljoint action frameworkbased on Youth Needsand by doing so to define a common ground for youth activities in the municipal context


Capacity Development of Network actors... receiving specific trainings on Youth Promotion, conflict preventive and  gender sensitive youth promotion, human rights based youth promotion as well as on anticorruption and project cycle management including financial management and by regular exchange with experts


Advocacy forthe needs of Youth and organisations who focus on Youth at the municipaland National Levels

...for theinclusion in the planning, budgeting and implementation of the (pre) deconcentration and decentralisation processin order to set a basis for quality, functioning and effectiveness of projects for young people


Fundraising functions at the Municipal and National Levels guarantee the long-term financial support for youth activities and sustainability of the Networks



Networks as a professional contact and advising institution...

...for actors who want to implement activities at the Municipal Level (like organisations from other Municipalities or donors)



  • Quarterly Network meetings to share information, experiences and knowledge and to exchange with experts on current topics
  • Youth Needs Analysisand Exhibitions on the results at the Municipal Level
  • Cross-sectoral youth needs based projectsimplemented at Municipaland Sub District Levels that are based on the Youth and Sports Strategy of the State Secretariat for Youth and Sports (SSYS)
  • Advocacy and fundraising activities  


For further information please contact us:

PEACE FUND – Timor-Leste Peace Building and Youth Promotion
GIZ – at the State Secretariat of Youth and Sports (SSYS)
Av. Dos Direitos Humanos, Lecidere

Dili / Timor-Leste

Office hours:
Monday - Friday   8.30 -17.30


Coordinator Aileu:

Jose Valente /Manager Youth Center (77380149 )

Martinho M da Costa /Official SSYSMunicipiu (77393385)


Coordinator Baucau:

Flaviano P Jeronimo/Manager Youth Center (77350427)

Mario B Freitas/Official SSYSMunicipiu (77352251)


Coordinator Ermera:

Carlos Salsinha/Manager Youth Center (77394746)

Marcelino Maia/Official SSYSMunicipiu (78805422)


Coordinator Manatutu:

Gaspar da Silva/Manager Youth Center (77520069)

Joanita do Rosario (77582003) /Official SSYSMunicipiu