For Applicants

Who can submit proposals?

Registered Timorese non-profit organisations (NGOs) and initiatives offering programmes, services, and measures for youth promotion, social cohesion and peaceful development in one of the four categories (1) non-violent conflict management, (2) gender equality, (3) human/child rights or (4) civic education are encouraged to submit proposals to the Peace Fund. This includes Timorese NGOs, educational institutions, social enterprises, sports clubs, church related organisations, etc., at national as well as district levels.

Ideally, the organisations and initiatives should have previous work experience with (other) development cooperation projects. Furthermore they need to be able to provide their own financial contributions to the proposed project, at least 10% of the requested amount.  In exceptional cases international institutions can submit proposals for activities and projects which are implemented in cooperation with local partners.

Organisations and initiatives which do not have the requested work experience or capacities but innovative activities supporting youth promotion, social cohesion and peaceful development are encouraged to apply for our upcoming small grant programme. (Further information will follow soon)

Which criteria apply to organisations and initiatives?

  • Good experience in working for and with youth/young people and the involvement of girls or young women as beneficiaries
  • Sufficient organisational and personnel capacities, overall professional experience of the applying organisation, references and recommendations from other already established NGOs
  • Readiness/willingness to communicate and cooperate with other beneficiary organisations of the Peace Fund project
  • Clear legal and financial responsibility (as stated in proposal)

Selection criteria for project activities?

  • Overall elaboration of project proposal, budget plan, timeline as well as monitoring and evaluation of the intended results
  • Expected impact
  • Sustainability
  • Clear analysis of problem and how it will be addressed through the proposed activities
  • Beneficiaries, target group (a gender-balanced participation is desired, awareness about gender-inclusiveness should be reflected in the proposal)
  • Regional focus (activities in rural areas will be favoured)
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Awareness of risks and needs for technical support
  • Background of organisation incl. mission statement and institutional structure
  • Previous or co-funding of projects by other donors will be considered

We don’t expect you to be professional proposal writers. That is why we encourage those organisations interested in the Peace Fund to contact us if you have any questions regarding the proposals. Please also have a look at the section Technical Support to see our offers to support you throughout the funding process.

Who can be the target groups?
Target groups of the proposed activities include youth groups and youth related organisations, as well as duty bearers (such as teachers, parents, etc.) and decision makers.

Where do I get the guidelines for writing a proposal?
You can find the Guideline for Proposals here:

The proposals can be submitted in English (preferred), Tetun, Bahasa Indonesia or Portuguese.